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No really, I do have cabin fever. I had a call from the occupational health nurse on friday, I said I'd be back Monday and she began to quiz me on when the symptoms had started. Eventually she said that I had to be out of work 7 full days then go to the doctor to get a cert saying I could come back to work. That means I'm out until wednesday at the earliest. If you'd asked me yesterday was I feeling better I would have said yes but right now today I feel pretty rubbish. I took a quick gander into to town with one of my housemates earlier on but when I got home I thought I was going to be sick, so I went to bed. I slept for most of the afternoon. To be fair, that's the only day this week I've slept that much as the tamiflu has prevented my sleeping.

Not a lot else going on, there's a guy from work I think I've mentioned a few times, well he was meant to come down to Cork to me yesterday (this was before swine flu). To be honest he's been a bit of a dick the last week. Kind of disappointed but yet another reason for looking for an out. Think that the job market here is picking up slightly. Fingers crossed I've not jinxed it.

Looking forward to Dr Who special tomorrow night, I'm torn between watching that first or X Factor. Yes these are the things which occupy my mind!


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